Shower Doors Help Enhance the Beauty of Your Bathroom

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Shower doors are often the centerpiece of any bathroom. They exist to serve a purpose, but can provide appealing decorum to the room as well. Most shower doors are surrounded by metal framing and hardware. This can detract from the beauty of your bathroom’s tile or solid surfaces. Heavy glass shower doors can be an attractive alternative to framed doors.

Heavy glass doors are typically 3/8″ to 1/2″ thick and provide a more striking appearance than typical framed doors. The thicker glass is heavier and provides a more solid feel than lower quality doors using 1/8″ or 3/16″ glass. These doors are custom sized and manufactured to fit your opening. Clear glass is commonly used but there are many choices of patterned obscure and art glass to choose from as well. Custom patterns and etchings are also available for the ultimate in personal expression. Heavy glass doors often can be installed with minimal hardware providing a cleaner look.

Many shower applications that require a horizontal header can be installed without a header when using heavy glass.  Always consult with your provider to be sure the shower stall will meet the needs of the installation. Backing or reinforcement are sometimes required and can be easily installed before the tile or solid surface go in. Doors can swing or slide and be mounted in a variety of configurations.  A common misconception is that heavy glass doors will be much more expensive then a framed unit. On typical multi-panel shower door a heavy glass door is often a minimal cost difference in comparison to a framed door. Keep in mind that heavy glass doors are not for every application. One piece fiberglass stalls and shower/tub combos usually require a traditional framed door.

Regardless of your application 494 Glass and Mirror can meet your needs.

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